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 Kutuzovesky pospect  36/ 7  121171 Moscow, Russia.

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We are agents for Russian civil aircraft factories such as JSC “Aviation Holding Company “Sukhoi”,"Irkutsk Aviation" and  "Russian  Helicopters" , we selling their  aircraft mainly in the Arab world and Africa!

Gemina is mainly interested in partnering with high-tech companies, so today we are agents for the United Group of Russian Aircraft Industry, Russian Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer and United Russian Helicopter group.

And we market their products in the Arab world and Africa, also we transfer these technologies to settle in those countries.

Our cooperation takes various forms of marketing & financing , we  offer various facilities in payment, lease and joint manufacturing.

We also provide the highest maintenance service in those countries and we are committed to training the cadres and provide what is required to be in the best level always.