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The regulatory landscape in which Gamina operates is becoming ever more consistent, comprehensive and transparent.

Being a physical energy trader, PCR is subject to oversight from more than 70 regulatory authorities worldwide. Virtually every aspect of our business is affected to a greater or lesser degree by regulations covering health and safety, insurance, emission and environmental control, product, cargo and financial crime, international trade and sanctions, and banking, exchange and derivatives market rules.

To ensure compliance within such an extensive and constantly evolving regulatory environment, we maintain rigorous corporate protocols and a strict compliance program. This activity is overseen by our Compliance Department, which provides oversight, advice and training for Gunvor trading centers worldwide. In all operations,PCR adheres to the laws and regulations to which it is subject, both international and local, in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

PCR is proactive in addressing evolving compliance standards. This includes taking steps to strengthen contract language with counterparties to enhance contractual prohibitions against trading with countries and entities under economic sanctions.