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Russian experience

AgroPark in Russia, are working at the present time: is to establish a unified logistics infrastructure for all participants in the food market.
  • The Russian plan is to create 7 federal centers and 30 centers in the provinces!

  • The first center will be opened at the end of 2019 in Novosibirsk, the first phase of 100 thousand square meters, out of 500 thousand square meters at an approximate cost of $ 1500 per square meter.

  • The cost of the first project in its final form is US $ 750 million.

  • The capacity of the village is 135 thousand tons at one time.

  • The village in Novosibirsk will serve the neighboring provinces of Ia Omsk, Tomsk and Kemerva.

  • The consultancy for this project is the Spanish company MERCASA (

  • oIs a state-owned public company and its shareholders are the state that owns SEPI and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain.

  • The Mercasa network consists of 23 groups, specializing in the following fields: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, flower markets and their own production.

  • The annual sales of Mercasa are more than 6 million tons (about 10 billion euros). The total area of ​​the 23 groups is 7,700,866 square meters and the number of companies working with Mercasa is more than 3,000.

  • The Russian state provides financial support through major government banks such as the Offshore Trade Bank. They finance 85% of the project value. The state covers part of the value of the interest and compensates 20% of the company invested in the project to support the project.

The Russian plan for the establishment of 7 federal centers and 30 centers in the provinces, for the distribution and storage of agricultural materials  for wholesale, (B2B).

Through our transport engines we offer:


  • The best service and the cheapest price.

  • Guarantee of transportation through our accurate knowledge of all carriers around the world.

  • Follow up the movement of goods around the world.

  • Provide insurance and provide guarantees for transfers

  • Providing banking facilities for permanent customers.

  • Customs clearance .

  • Automate all information to facilitate the work of our partners.

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