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Central to the success of our business are the long-term

relationships we have built within the global finance sector.

From inception, Gamina has been successful in building long-term relationships in the financial sector and diversifying its banking partnerships. Today we work with more than 75 leading global financial institutions.

As a growing business with interests throughout the world, Gamina has always sought to establish local partnerships for its investments, such as establishing an independent revolving credit facility specifically for Asia, and creating borrowing bases in the Middle East and the Americas to finance trading operations in those regions.

Such an approach has benefited our year-on-year profitability and enabled us to increase credit lines even through the global financial crisis. Our culture is one of financial prudence. We maintain a strong liquidity position and our assets are optimally financed.

We offer financial advice, experience and audit of major projects in Russia and the Arab world, and we work with major financial institutions to finance these projects.

Gamina maintains a number of advanced information systems serving our core business and supporting functions, including Risk, Trading and Financial systems, which consolidate trading positions and financial exposures globally on a daily basis.

These allow management to monitor Gamina’s overall exposure and adopt appropriate measures on a timely basis.

Our operations- and assets-related activities are supported by an array of specialist applications, enabling global functions to work harmoniously regardless of location.

Our IT infrastructure is highly resilient with no single point of failure and we have back-up systems and procedures for every degree of disruption.

Gamina employs a range of globally consistent corporate systems to support its core business, including for:

  • Commodities trading

  • Risk

  • Credit management

  • Finance

  • Shipping and operations

  • Compliance

  • User collaboration

Continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology ensures Gamina’s global strategies and initiatives are supported in an efficient and secure manner.